Hey! I am an ex-GCSE student (nearly A-level!) and, at 16, I happen to be an expert at beating the exam system and I use this blog to offer my wisdom to you!

Not only will you find advice on how to get through your exams but also adolescent anecdotes, an occasional poem and advice on how to run a blog. Occasionally, you may see this woman (below) pop up and that is because she is the most awesome person in the world ☺️

my mummy and i

My Story

I started my first blog when I was ten after seeing a beauty blogger in a magazine. The obsession of having my own creative outlet online began there. Since then I have had over ten blogs of my own and ran many blogs for the various 'bands' and group projects I have had, such as JesusCookie (god bless those of you in year seven and have to go through stuff like this) 😂

For the past couple of years I have been working towards my GCSE exams (or last 16 years, take your pick). I am proud to say that I got the results that I wanted and I worked very hard to get them. The exams were the toughest thing I have ever had to go through so far, which makes me a very lucky person. The exams proved to me that I am resilient, determined and someone who will work as hard as they need to to get where they want to be. I hope to inspire all of you to do the same in your lives with whatever it may be.

My GCSE results: 5A*s, 3As and a B

When I first started high school, I experienced a large amount of teasing as a result of my amateur YouTube channel (quite understandably, in hindsight, because my God I was bad at putting on eyeliner!). Although this hurt me a lot at the time, I never failed to continue making videos and posting on my blog. I showed myself what it means to be persistent and how important it is to follow your heart and pursue your passion.

 This is me, pursuing my passion in my small corner of the internet, in the face of those who said I shouldn't.

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Ellie-Jean Royden (Jeani)  xxx

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  1. Hi Jeani! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your purple/pink/blue design. And I think it's really awesome how thoughtful & sweet your posts and youtube videos are. I can tell you're really putting thought into your content and that's really great. xx


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