18 December 2017

how to tidy any space in under THIRTY minutes!! // SATISFYING time lapse + TOP TIPS

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long; I've been swamped in A Level work!!!!

Today I had to tidy my room and to make this feel a little more bearable I decided to make it into a YouTube video!

Please enjoy, I have compressed the information below the video if you don't feel like watching it!

- Split up your room into different sections that need tidying to make it seem less daunting
- Split each section into subsections for the same reason e.g. split the floor into squares that you are going to clear up at a time
- Put on some cool music and have fun while you clear!!!
- Don't just hide your stuff and call it tidying, find the permanent spot for each object as you go

// Jeani


  1. Nice post dear, really enjoyed reading it! Have a lovely day! xoxo

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. I love the video and how you explained everything with the time lapse too. Nicely done!! I'm American so it's nice.to listen to you talk haha(;


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