23 December 2017

How Long Should You Be Revising For?

Hey everyone!!

I found that the questions I am asked most are "how long should I revise for each night" and "when should I start revising?". In this video I answer both those questions!!!

In summary: Start revising NOW!!!! It's never too early to start revision, so come up with a timetable and get going!!!

// Jeani :)

20 December 2017

Study with me CHRISTMAS! // Revision during the holidays

Hello everyone!!

Today I had a huge day of revision, so I filmed it and created my first ever STUDY WITH ME vlog! Btw, I’m super proud of this thumbnail.

Watch the the video for some tips and tricks on how to revise during the holidays and hopefully your motivation will go up!

// Jeani

18 December 2017

how to tidy any space in under THIRTY minutes!! // SATISFYING time lapse + TOP TIPS

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long; I've been swamped in A Level work!!!!

Today I had to tidy my room and to make this feel a little more bearable I decided to make it into a YouTube video!

Please enjoy, I have compressed the information below the video if you don't feel like watching it!

- Split up your room into different sections that need tidying to make it seem less daunting
- Split each section into subsections for the same reason e.g. split the floor into squares that you are going to clear up at a time
- Put on some cool music and have fun while you clear!!!
- Don't just hide your stuff and call it tidying, find the permanent spot for each object as you go

// Jeani