3 October 2017

My secret to SUCCESS // My Daily Routine + FREE routine template

Hey everyone!

Having just started sixth form, I have found myself over the last few weeks feeling stressed and disorganised. For a long time, I was confused as to why because usually I am on my game and on top of everything. Last night I realised that being at a boarding school meant I have abandoned the most important thing which got me through my GCSEs, the thing that helped me get majority A*s. I remembered last night that the secret to success is found in your daily routine.

I discovered this concept after seeing some videos on habit stacking. This is where you add certain habits to your daily routine e.g. after cleaning your teeth, you floss (flossing being the added habit). I have been asking myself "how do I fit all these extra things I have to do into my day?" and I realised that all I need to do is create a new plan!

At A level, you have your prep/homework, class work and individual study/what i call 'extra' which all needs to be done. Obviously, class work is done in class but you should once you get home (or to your dorm in my case) rewrite notes so that they are coherent or create corresponding flashcards. Doing all this in a day can seem overwhelming as there just isn't enough time. Or is there?

Here is the routine I devised last night for myself:

The secret to success is in your daily routine

06:20 wake up
        read news
06:30 bathroom
06:50 makeup
07:10 get dressed
07:30 dry hair
07:45 breakfast
08:20 do school bag
08:45 form
03:30 English extra
04:00 history extra
04:30 french extra
05:00 admin (rewrite notes etc)
06:00 dinner
06:20 light prep
06:50 roll call
07:00 serious prep
09:00 read

As you can see, I have managed to squeeze in my extras, my prep and my admin. The secret is to do little bits of work often, every day. You will find that it becomes so easy to complete your tasks.

Can you be successful? Easily! Just adapt your daily routine to accommodate everything you need to do. Make it work for you. Below I have included a FREE template routine so you can create your own.

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// Jeani

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  1. hi, my name is christoph and i live in austria. i have chossen your blog for english-school-homework. well done your blog is nice and interresting. your blog can help people who has problems like you.


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