27 October 2017

How To Revise Using Mind Maps // Ace Your Mocks

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In a few weeks, year 11 mocks are coming up, which I'm sure is scary for many of you! Before I begin I just want to say that mocks are a chance to test yourself and while they are not something to stress over or panic about, you should utilise them to the best of your ability to show yourself how you will cope in the real exam situation.

Today I am going to focus on a small area of revision which really helped me during exams.

Mind-maps can work really well if you use them right and effectively. Below I will state the several rules of mindmapping!

1) You need to do two mind-maps

Don't hate me but this is just simple logic! You need to have an original mind-map comprised of information from your notes which refreshes your memory on the information. The second mind-map tests your memory as you blurt out the information on a much more messy mind-map. Watch this video from UnJaded Jade on 'blurting':

2) You need to use arrows

Using arrows helps you connect the information. This makes remembering the information easier in the exam as your brain makes the link between the information. 

3) Group information thematically and with colour

Again, this helps your brain connect the information together. In the above mind-map, I've grouped the information by character but it can be done by theme, date, chapter etc!

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