2 August 2017

How to make a GCSE revision timetable pt 2 // flexible and no time constrictions

Hey everyone! For this blog post, you should read part 1 here which will make this a lot easier to understand.

In part 1 I explain how much you should revise per day and how much you should revise each subject per week. in this post, the same two week format applies, but with more flexibility.

What to do 
The first thing you need to do is buy a weekly planner with each day of the week like mine here:

Once you have bought your weekly planning paper, you need to split your page into week A and week B as shown above. Next, you should indicate which subjects you will study on each day using your study timetable.
You should choose four subjects from each day (obviously the ones which are relevant to your revision, excluding mandatory PE for example). At the end of the two weeks, you should have the right amount of subjects as dictated by your priority subjects, which I explain in part one.

Where to buy


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