6 August 2017

GCSE Revision YouTubers // Summer Revision + Free Checklist

Hey everyone!

Today I thought I'd share some useful knowledge I gained during the last few weeks of exam season. I wish that I had known about this so much earlier as there are so many moments during the start of year 11 and during the summer before (this summer for many of you) where you feel like you should be revising but really can't be bothered but end up doing nothing. This is what I suggest:

These YouTube videos should not replace your kinaesthetic revision (e.g. flash cards or notes) but they can be useful addition. They should be used for refreshing information you've already learned but perhaps forgotten, or for a quick summary of things you are about to learn in the next year so that its a little easier to understand.

I don't have YouTubers for every subject, but for a lot of subjects using videos won't even help you, and so the ones I put below are the ones which were useful for me. Please feel free to add any in the comments if you know of others!

Mr Bruff - English Literature and Language

Mr Bruff has a very detailed and extensive list of videos covering every book and poem on the AQA syllabus. I'm not sure if he covers other exam boards in his videos, but I know he has revision guides and stuff for you!  I found his videos extremely useful as they had SO much detail and taught me many techniques and how to portray my point of view. If it turns out that I am successful in English, I will at least partly owe my success to him!  Remember that with poem analyses, or any analyses really, that your opinion is what is going to impress that examiner and while its important to learn other points of view and what the text could mean, however you see it is what will get you the marks!

Primrose Kitten - Science and Maths

I found summary videos like the one above extremely useful in the last few weeks to refresh all the subjects, as I really struggled with science in my first year and a half. After doing past papers and watching videos I finally managed to get my head around it. As I said, these videos in particular are good for refreshing basic information that you may have forgotten, and they do it very quickly! Primrose Kitten has other types of videos too so make sure you go through and find some that are useful to you.

Christopher Thornton has quite short videos which explain simply, but efficiently, majority of subjects on the syllabus of most exam boards.  I used these to try and get my head around subjects that I could not understand by reading my original notes or the textbook as they explained the subject in different words and in a manner in which I could actually I understand. I would take the video and transfer what I was being told into a mindmap or a set of notes to prove to myself that I understood. 

Others like Christopher thornton: Free Science Lessons, My GCSE science

UK Maths Teacher - Mathematics

I didn't actually use these videos, but I thought I better add some maths in here! I think videos can be very useful for maths as it can be a difficult subject because it isn't very visual. Watching a video allows you to visualise the problems and remember the process the teacher in the video goes through. The way to improve maths is to practise and do past papers, but the thing about maths is, you really do have to understand the process and isn't that easy to just wing it. 

Eve Bennett/Revision with Eve - General/How to
I discovered Eve Bennett quite early this year. Eve is year 12 currently and is about to go into year 13 but she got all A*s (I think) so I would certainly take her advice!  Eve's second channel Revision with Eve mainly contains how-to videos, such as "how to revise for languages" featured above. These are good if you want to start revising but you don't know how to go about it for each subject. There are other types of videos as well, such as the recently uploaded "how to have the MOST productive summer EVER".

Others like Eve Bennett: UnJaded Jade, Ibz Mo, Holly Gabrielle

I hope you found this useful and that you will watch a few videos to relieve the stress you may be feeling right now about the upcoming year. You will be shocked at how quickly this year will fly by, so its good to start preparing now, even if it is just by watching a couple of videos here and there!

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Good luck!

// Jeani

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  1. Hey, there Jeani!

    I loved your blog post, I really found it helpful and I will be 100% taking these ideas on board. Can't wait to read more from you in the future!

    Lots of love,
    Lillie-Louise Bennett


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