23 March 2017

28 things I am thankful for

1) I have a good family
2) I can go to school
3) I have a healthy body
4) Colour
5) My friends
6) I have a boyfriend
7) He thinks I'm great
9) I have a best friend in the form of my mum
10) Summer
11) The opportunity to grow mentally
12) Modern technology
13) My home
14) The education my parents have given me about living
15) Winter is going!
16) I've got a chance to start afresh next year at sixth form
17) The colour pink
18) Zara
19) Google and the answers for my homework that it gives me
20) My Claudia Tripp CD which arrived yesterday
21) The sun is shining today
22) The french language
23) Fear
24) David Tennant as the Doctor
25) Ed Sheeran's new album
26) I'm going to India
27) My FRIENDS box set
28) The number 28

 It's important to remember the good in your life, especially when you're feeling down. Challenge yourself to write a list of ten things you are grateful for everyday! There is so much good in the world, don't let it go unnoted.

// Jeani


  1. Beautiful post, I loved reading this <3 Thanks for sharing :)

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  2. It is always important to be reminded of the things that are important to you!

  3. Aw I love this. I love doing little posts of thankfulness on my blog, they're so fun to read. Lovely-- you made me want to write one for my blog haha <3

  4. It's so nice to see such a positive post on a topic like this, since a lot of people nowadays tend to be ungrateful for the simplest of things. I can definitely relate to your list, especially number 24. ;)

  5. Hy wanted to say if #26 really happens theres only one place you need to go to experience the raw edge and culture that India really is about. That place, its name, Melkote, Karnataka. anyways post a lot of pictures, when you visit. Hope you have fun.
    Eternal Dreamer

  6. It helps to count you blessings. Sometimes its the only way we get to make our burdens feel lighter than they really are. Thank you for the reminder... I should do this sometime.


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