12 January 2017

Who am I?

Who am I?
Am I represented by the jacket on my shoulders or the pink tights I once wore when I was eleven?
Am I my deepest desires and my cruelest thoughts or the version of myself that I display involuntarily?
Am I the random spurts of motivation that seem to hit me in the middle of an English lesson? Or the frequent monotonous state I tend to delve into in maths?
Am I my short-tempered irritation at those who care? Or the contented but confused thoughts that are in reality swirling around my head but just don't know how to make an appearance?
Am I the cheery smile that I wear at eight o'clock because the start of everyday is exciting and refreshing? Am I the gluttonous animal which appears when I get home?
Am I the delicate body which bounces around pathways? Or the uncoordinated bambi on ice? I'm going with bambi on that one.
Am I the jealousy in my chest at almost non-existent arms brushing? Or the gracious forgiveness that I feel compelled I must give?
Am I the fire-driven phoenix that escapes when I truly play the game? Or the timid shadow that I revert to in uncomfort and uncertainty?
Am I the pile of mind-maps and inspiration that hand upon my desk? Or the draw upstairs which is filled with discarded unfolded jumpers?
Am I my face stripped down to its natural form as I study hard on Sundays? Of the dazzling work of art I paint on when I go out on Friday night?
I am the confident way I hold myself as I walk past those who spit at me. I am the determination and the never-ending perseverance. I am my face the moment I wake up - do I choose to make the most of today?
I am fluctuating but the voice in my head is constant. I make the decision. Who am I?
I am not one of these. I am all of these, I am a conflicting mixture of personalities, emotions and personas. Who am I?
I am me.

// Jeani


  1. Super cute! I am loving your blog, very glad I subscribed to you

  2. I love this post, Jeani! I thought it was so clever. x


  3. You are such a talented writer! This was so good and so clever xx

  4. This post was so beautiful, I absolutely love it !


  5. A truly thought-provoking piece of writing! I really like your style of writing (as questions), even in your other post 'What Defines a Writer?':):)


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