10 January 2017

What the new year means for me

2017. That sounds so foreign to me. It feels like yesterday that I was in 2007 listening to Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne and playing in parks on swings and slides. It terrifies me to think I'm going to be turning 16 this year: the age of almost of every teenage novel heroine I have ever read!

Over the past few months, I have been beginning to prepare myself for my upcoming GCSE exams in May this year. This preparation has shown me that I am organised and that I have a love of stationery and of learning. I intend on doing a revision YouTube video or blog post soon with all my advice soon. In the face of this terrifying thing, I have become a new better version of myself.

I hope that this year that this version of myself continues to reign as I really enjoy feeling so motivated, so happy, so inspired. I have become even more informed on feminist issues (check out my feminism pinterest board here ) as well as becoming healthier and fitter. I have learned to find enjoyment in things that I used to hate and feel terrified of for example: sport - I have become a lot more involved in my PE lessons and realised that I actually enjoy some sports and can be good at them. I have enjoyed science this year, perhaps as a result of my looming exams, and revision; just learning and creating.

So, what are my goals and plans for this year?

1) Make my blog posts better quality than they are
A lot of the time my posts are Verbal Spill which is okay occasionally but I would like to write better structured, more prepared blog posts to help improve my writing
2) Write more of my novel "The Intelligent"
I want to improve on my creative writing skills. I have started many but never finished a novel and I really want this year to be the year that I, at least, get closest to finishing a draft.
3) Focus on getting the best grades I possibly can in my GCSEs
These exams are the start of several years of education that are ahead of me, I want to start on a really high note and A*s in every subject but maths and sciences where I want to get As. I believe that with work and dedication I can achieve this, that will be my main goal this year,
4) Keep reading
At the moment I'm going through a really good reading phase of about one book a week which I want to keep up throughout the year so that my reading level goes up and so that I'm becoming smarter and more knowledgeable, especially as I am going to be starting my A levels this year.
5) Become more aware of my actions and my personality
I would like to be in better control of my attitude towards others and adapt to a more open mind regarding other's.

My goals for you this year:
1) Learn to love your self
Whether this be your body, your personality or your relationships, whatever you struggle with, learn to accept who you are. Learn to accept yourself the way you are, focus on having positive actions and your behaviour and you will find yourself adapting to a better, more comfortable mindset in regard to yourself.
2) Learn something new
Start going to night school, take a course online, learn yoga, take up something that interests and excites you so that you are becoming a better version of yourself.
3) Focus on developing a more open mind
When you start regarding other's opinions as valid you will find that you become smarter and a better person because instead of talking you are listening!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2017


  1. Looks like you're really prepping up for the year ahead! And it's absolutely okay for you to get excited for your 16th birthday- I mean, who doesn't want to have a memorable sweet sixteen? I've kept my goals simple for this year- all I want to do is to not care about what others think about me. Good luck on achieving your goals :):)
    PS Is that you're dog? It is SO adorable!!

  2. loved reading your goals! can't wait to follow along with your blog in 2017!!

  3. Good luck with all of your resolutions! Especially with the GCSEs - so important that you do well on them! <3 And I love that you want to finish writing The Intelligent - I've never finished a novel, so it's awesome that you're going through with it! :) Most importantly, definitely take care of yourself - 16 is such a big age, and there's so much to experience!
    Geraldine @ Corralling Books

  4. This was fun to read! Becoming more aware of your actions is such a wonderful goal! I love that you have included goals for us this year! I also really like that picture of you with the dog.


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