17 January 2017

I don't hate you anymore // poem

I do not hate you anymore
I am no longer plagued by your existence
But I still hate the feeling of pain
Which came with your secret betrayal
I let the ink from my pen tell the story
I allow it to leap off the page
Because art let's the way you made me feel
Come alive again

I can still hear your mechanical laughter
I can feel myself screaming at you to just stop
Maybe the things you did weren't of importance
But for me, they really meant a lot.
You scarred my every movement
To the point where I was stopped mid walk
Because I sensed your presence behind me
My heart skipped beats and my words came up short

Sometimes he reminds me of you.
Just a flicker of mocking in his eyes.
It's momentary and glimpse
But its enough to make me realise
I will never escape the way you made me feel 
Because you're in every person I know
We all have a desire to taunt and belittle
No matter how hard or easy that flows

I do not hate you anymore.
Perhaps you seek my forgiveness
I'm sorry, I cannot give you that
These events are unable to be compressed
But I ask those of you who feel that inside
Who can separate themselves from those they are hurting
To please just stop.

Because we don't hate you anymore,
but enough is enough.

// Jeani


  1. The part in this poem about the mechanical laughter was a really strong point you made! Ending was strong too.

  2. Very well expressed the pain. You have a lovely blog, Jeani. Looking forward to read your posts. I'm glad you liked my blog as well. Hugs. :)


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