31 December 2016

Small great things by Jodi Picoult // review

This book was written by Jodi Picoult, author of 'My Sister's Keeper'. Like 'My Sister's Keeper', this story revolves around a trial which will change the hearts of everyone involved.

The themes of racism, power and privilege are portrayed through the eyes of White Supremacist Turk Bauer, lawyer Kennedy McQuarrie and Ruth Jefferson - African-American labour and delivery nurse at the Yale-New Haven hospital in  Connecticut.

Ruth is ordered to not touch the baby of Turk Bauer and his wife Brittany Bauer due to her skin colour, but is then left to care for the baby alone. She realises that the baby can't breathe and has to make the decision of whether or not she is supposed to help him or not touch him, unsure what she is supposed to do. After teams of nurses and doctors attempt to save the baby, he dies and this leads to a whirlwind of events where Ruth is blamed for the baby's death. Her lawyer, Kennedy, becomes very involved in Ruth's life and begins to see the world around her a little differently.

This book forces readers to confront their prejudice and privilege as Kennedy McQuarrie does as she begins to get more involved with Ruth. We see how skin colour is not seen by those who it does not affect, we see how Ruth is treated differently by ordinary people just because she isn't white, even in this day and age.

There are many twists and shocks throughout the story which keep us readers on the edge of our seat.

4/5 - mostly enjoyed it, really good!

// Jeani


  1. This book looks so interesting and is right up my street, I'm definitely going to check it out!
    Ranyel x

  2. Seeing as I love Jodi's work, I'll definitely check this out! The relevant themes sound facisnating.

  3. heard so many good things about Jodi Picoult's books, this one sounds so interesting! xx

  4. This sounds like an interesting book! Maybe I'll read it someday. Great review :):)

  5. I HAVE to read this! I've heard so many irl stories like this, and as someone who wants to enter the medical fields, I want to read more of this. Thanks for reviewing!

  6. I've heard so many good things about this! I need to read it. Thanks for leaving me a link to your blog-- looks good :)


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