2 November 2016

Busy // Poem

I close my eyes as a dam
The flood rushes through my brain
A shaky breath into my lungs
A tap to reassure I am sane

I smile without any fear
Though the flood presses into my skull
I'm always aware that it's near
But somehow the realisation is dull

A tick of the clock one step nearer
The dam dares threaten to break
But I swallow the gulp in my throat
I focus on company's hate

I write till my hands cannot grip
The bleeding nib of the pen
The hand moves another tick closer
My heart dares to race then 

My future is just round the bend
But my car is surrounded by smog
Forever depends on this moment
But I can't see when I'm stuck in this fog

I crave just a breath of fresh air
But this paper is trapping me in
I love the feeling of learning
But the pressure is making me spin

I peek through the edge of my lashes
The flood's the forefront of my mind
A drop escapes from my eyelid
It's like I heard my heart breathe a sigh

The flood screams with joy as it runs
Down my chilled and rose-red cheeks
The balloon inside me releases
 I exhale, as it too is free

My mind soon remembers to focus
Without the shrill of the flood's strict dictation
So it seems the sobs and simple tears
Were the key to my liberation


  1. I absolutely love this poem, Jeani! I adore posts like these- where bloggers are so personal. I love, love, love it! I just did the same on my blog! xx

    Looking forward to your next post!


    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it, there's plenty of posts like this on here!!! I really enjoyed reading your Q&A, I'm really interested in your journalism class, that sounds really interesting! Xx

  2. Did you write this? Its beautiful! I love poetry too xx


    1. I did!! I love to write poetry, it's one of my favourite hobbies


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