30 November 2016

What defines a writer?

What defines a writer?

Is it a woman in her late 30's who wears glasses and works for a prestigious newspaper in the depths of New York? Or a balding middle-aged man sitting in a dark room with only a type-writer as company? Is it a son who dedicates his life travelling the world to find long forgotten family stories to write them up in an unpublished journal that will never see the stands? Is it a motivated university student who dreams of being the next J.K Rowling and spends her evenings in a far off imagined world where she can finally belong? Is it a 10 year old girl who finds she can only fit her imagination onto paper where the pen magically runs free as if it were writing by itself?  Is it an ageing English teacher who lectures about his passion but never really found the words to put onto paper? Or is it a 15 year old blogger with a dream?

Maybe you can't define a writer. 

// Jeani

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  1. You obviously put a lot of thought into this post and it's beautiful! <3


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