28 November 2016

We Fear Nothing // Poem

We fear nothing
No. Not the absence of fear,
But the absence of absence,
The absence of any idea

We fear nothing
The lack of the click of a tongue
The eternal oblivion
Never hear a note being sung

We fear nothing
But we are cowardice in the purest of forms
The pursuit of vibrancy
With the knowledge we'll fall

We fear nothing
It's just a breath away
Lingering fingertips
Still fall when they may

We fear nothing
Not the winter claws of trees
But the cool, numbing sunshine
Broken by the nothing of sleep

We fear nothing
Not the pain. But the pain.
The pain of unfeeling
Of not feeling the pain

The curse of humanity
Desperate we cling to conspiracy

Yet we fear nothing
But clockwork and the pettiest of sins
We fear nothing of starvation
Or the loneliness of kin

How do we fear nothing
When our life is a chaotic vortex?
We are neighbours to poverty
To perversity, to a survival contest?

We fear nothing.
No. We are built on fear
Every cell and synapse
Every molecule and chemical survives on fear

We fear nothing.
We fear all.


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  2. This is powerful! I watched the video of you reading this and it was amazing! You have a wonderful way of communicating emotions through your writing. (A cute accent too!) this poem is amazing. I love how you say we fear nothing until the last line where you go against that thought. I really appreciated this post!


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