12 November 2016

Mary Shelley // Verbal Spill

I wrote a blog post a few months ago called "I am my protagonist" which was inspired by an argument I had with someone and I realised that we both thought the other had terrible intentions when this was actually not the case. I just want to talk about that idea a little more today.

Mary Shelley was the author of Frankenstein, a 19 year old girl who changed the way of literature forever, this quote of hers perfectly sums up one of my core beliefs. I don't believe that anybody truly has evil intentions, I don't believe that anybody wants to inflict pain on someone else, I think that would be easy to believe perhaps, but it's far too simplistic.

Everybody believes that they are doing the right thing, either for them self, a friend, someone from their family, or someone that they believe is doing the right thing.  It's very easy to place blame and it's very easy to believe that their opponent's intentions are no more complex than "I want to do a terrible thing" when the reality is that they are only seeking happiness and they believe that the path they are going down is the way to find it

Everyone has hidden secrets, "no one knows anyone" (Jenny Downham ~ you against me). Everyone has their reasons for acting like an arse, not that that excuses terrible behaviour but some people really believe they are doing good in their own way. The only thing to do is explain that they're wrong and that there are better ways of living.

// Jeani

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