11 October 2016

My Anger // Poem // Verbal Spill

A stop motion movie
A scream from my lips
Chaos unravels
With the clashing of hips

Blood starts to spread
It's all I can see
Please save his lips
For they're meant for me

A dirty surrounding
You call this a fair fight?
Man on man would be fair
You are not from the light

Like hyenas they swarmed
They punched and they kicked
He yelled at the cowards
For whom I felt sick

She screamed and she clawed
At his delicate neck
All I can see is the damage
What's before I forget

Poison fills through my veins
I spit at their feet
I've never felt anger
That I feel with this heat

What kills me inside
Is not the pain he went through
But the shame he will feel
When they lie through their clues

He's not even hurt
His skin didn't bruise
But they tried that's what matters
At least he didn't lose

I just want to see
One of their smug expressions
So I can rip it right off them
Before they have time to question

My anger.
 How can it boil so deep?
I wonder now if
I should go to sleep

// Jeani

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