25 October 2016

Is school draining student imagination? // Verbal Spill

Hey everyone,

I noticed a couple of days ago that recently my capability of writing an interesting blog post was slowly disappearing. I have just started year 11 so the majority of my free time is dedicated to school work and revision so when I sit down to write I realise that all those strong emotions about events and people has been pushed to the back of my mind and there is really no inspiration there at all.

Is this what school does to us? I have always been a definite supporter of education and modern learning, when I hear people complain I have always been the one to step in and say "do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? There are girls risking their lives every day for their education and here you are complaining because you're tired? Please." But perhaps all my cynical teenage peers have a point. Perhaps our high schools really are draining our imagination and the will to create or express our individuality.

When I was in primary school I was always encouraged to play games, to do creative writing, to pick up hobbies like bird watching, drawing or, baking, all we are encouraged to do now is 10 minutes of maths every evening on top of our homework and 2 hours of nightly revision. I understand that all this is for our own good, to help us settle nicely into comfortable careers, but I'm not sure life does depend on my ability to find the nth term of a quadratic sequence, we need to learn how to actually use our brains beyond the theory, how to apply that brilliant knowledge that our brains are capable of consuming. I believe we should still be encouraged to pursue those hobbies for ourselves, rather than for school. I refuse to join the netball club now because the only people who do it in year 11 are the ones who are doing a PE GCSE, despite the fact that I love the sport and would really enjoy playing it every week.

The school encourages us to get involved with extra curricular activities, but so that it looks good on our CVs and sixth form application, I wish that they would try to encourage having fun, laughing with your friends, to do the hobbies that really fill you with joy. But if your teachers won't then I will.

Please, make time for yourself. I don't mean sit on your sofa and watch PLL while idly scrolling through your Facebook feed, wishing that you were doing something else (I'm not judging, we all do it), I mean go on Pinterest and find a cake you want to bake, find a sewing pattern you can use, climb the trees in your local woods or collect the pretty flowers that you find. Take time to be your nine year old self, I know you are always wishing that you were that age again, let yourself be (no one has to know haha!)

Thank you for reading, good luck

// Jeani


  1. You bring up a lot of good points. Although I value education highly, I see many faults within the system. Sometimes I sit in my math class and just wonder, "why am I learning this?". A lot of schooling is just memorizing material and being able to regurgitate it. It sucks lol. I just hope that kids hold on to their creativity and don't become the robots that the educational system tries to make us.

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn's Korner

    1. Oh I completely agree with this, the year that will be year 11 next year have only 20% practical in their DRAMA gcse!! 80% is exam work, how on earth are drama students supposed to use that?

  2. I love this!! sometimes we need to take a step back & realise what's important. schoolwork is important, but we need time to ourselves too! I'm in year eleven as well, & I'm homeschooled now which is much less restrictive - but I remember when I was at school & spending most of my free time on homework! xx bethmay75.blogspot.co.uk


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