30 October 2016

15 Things To Do In Your Free Time

1) Keep fit
Staying fit is really important, it keeps your body healthy and if you are doing exercise that you enjoy it can be really fun!

  • Yoga - this is calming, relaxing and makes you feel awake for the next day
  • Netball or another team sport - feels motivating as you get slightly competitive as well as building team skills 
  • Wii fit - I love to do this because I can work at my own pace and do whatever work outs I want at home where I can feel comfortable 
  • Run - this takes you outside where you can breathe in the fresh air, it feels really rewarding once you've finished 
  • Power walking - like running this takes you outside, but there is less pain and a lot more thinking time
2) Read
Reading is very important, whether you're into fiction or non-fiction books. It helps to expand vocabulary and become more knowledgeable as well as being whisked off to another world or another life

3) Blogging
Writing about something you're passionate about is really fun and if you want to be a writer it helps to train you how to write in short bursts, well. If you are already a blogger, here are some things you can do in your free time:
  • Create connections - reply to the comments on your blog, try and form connections with your readers because not only will your amount of followers increase but you will feel good about yourself because you are proving that your blog is a friendly environment
  • Read other people's blogs - your followers have some really great material of their own, you may learn a thing or two if you take the time to expand your own reading material and you may find some people that you really relate to
4) Tidy
Trust me, there is nothing more empowering than tidying up your space. A cluttered room = a cluttered mind so it's very important to keep everything in a rightful place.
  • Your bedroom - studies show that having mess around you before you go to sleep could make you restless or uncomfortable, keeping the place that you start and end your day tidy is very important for a healthy mind
  • Study area - you want to make sure that your mind is clear when you're studying and that you only have exactly what you need in front of you so that you can focus your mind
  • Folders and files - it's important to make sure that all your important documents can be easily located if needed
  • Computer files - I personally find it very useful to have all my folders clearly labelled and dated on my computer so that I can find whatever I need almost instantly
  • Emails - keeping a cluttered inbox makes it difficult to find the important emails amongst the spam so try to constantly keep your inbox tidy 
5) Clear out
Clearing out your space helps with the tidying that I just mentioned, make sure that everything you own either brings you joy or is necessary, keeping junk that you never use around can make your mind and space feel cluttered, it's really refreshing to go through your things and leave at the end of it with only the things that really matter to you.

6) Sort through or re-write notes
When you are at school, sometimes your notes are the best source of information and it's important to make sure they are easily readable and easy to find. Spend some time re-writing the notes that aren't very clear or nice to look at; as well as making your notes easy to read in the future, re-writing your notes is a really good way to revise as the information is being processed again and you are actively working with the information.

7) Intentions
Writing down intentions is a really good way to level out your brain, sometimes it gets a bit scrambled in there and putting down your thoughts and emotions onto paper is a really good way to clear out your mind and make sense of yourself. I like to write down on paper the kind of person I want to be, the things I want to do and what I believe makes a good person. 

8) Goals
A good way to get yourself motivated is writing down where you want to be at the end of the day, what are your aspiration, your dreams? Where are you headed in the future? Where do you want to be in ten years? Where do you want to be in a week? Where do you want to be at the end of today? This is a really good way to get yourself on track and motivate yourself.

9) Brainstorm ideas
Whatever you do: art, blogging, writing, poetry, essay writing, teaching, it's good to keep brainstorming new ideas because there will always be times where the brain shuts down on you and no ideas are coming so keep a notebook somewhere full of ideas for those days when you just have a meltdown!! Plus, it keeps the brain active.

10) Work on excel skills and keep track of your money
This is something I really want to do (despite the fact that I'm fifteen, have no job and the only income I get is the money from relatives at Christmas time) because these are valuable skills that I will need to use in the future when I get student loans or go to university/Samoa because I will need to learn how to budget and save any money that I get. It's always good to learn those valuable skills now than the future.

11) Learn an instrument
I know that most people feel that the only time you can take up an instrument is when you're five years old but trust me, it's completely untrue. I took piano lessons as a little girl for several years but it was never something that I could pick up, I could never learn music and I just could not pick it up. My family and I put it down to lack of musical genes, but then in high school my dad bought me a guitar on a whim, I picked it up and didn't stop playing the thing for five hours straight and by the end of it my fingers were bleeding but I could just about play the chords to "we are never ever getting back together" by Taylor Swift. I just fell in love with it. You never know if there is an instrument out there that is just made for you and you will never know if you never try! If you already play an instrument, dedicate those spare five minutes to having another practise of your scales or learn a new song that you really like!

12) Write in your diary
We've all been there. "I'm going to write in it everyday so that I have a record of all the important moments in my life.". As nice as the idea is, it's not exactly achievable and we all hate ourselves over the fact that we can't do it. Don't get worked up over it, try to write in your diary whenever you have a spare minute, just a few words or a few emotions will be appreciated by the future version of yourself and if you have time to write more that's great, but future you doesn't want a second-by-second manuscript of your life right now, just give yourself something.

13) Create art
Allowing your creative juices to flow free can sometimes be very rewarding, it allows you to come up with original ideas and "explore yourself" if you don't mind me being slightly poetic. 
  • Photography - it's always fun to work with angles and the real world,, making it into something that belongs to you
  • Drawing - giving yourself an hour to draw a picture of anything will really allow you to focus on something other than your problems and you might end up with something great at the end  of it
  • Painting
14) Write
Getting your emotions out is always relieving, whether it be in the form of a poem, a spider diagram or just a section of that bestseller novel that you're trying to write or your blog. Have fun with it.

15) Plan
Making sure that you're prepared for the future is very important. Keep your life organised so that you don't forget those pesky birthdays that creep up on you or ignore that exam that you're dreading. These things will happen so it's best to keep these events easy to track and prepare for. 
  • Academic planner - keep exam dates, due dates and open days all in the same place. Make sure to keep all your educational events in one place.
  • Homework timetable - find out when those due dates are to make sure you're finished in time, get all your homework done as soon as you get it so that you can perfect it and not rush it on the last evening.
  • Revision timetable - using your academic diary, find out how far away those exams are and plan your revision accordingly. You need to make sure that you do little bits at a time to keep the information fresh and instilled in the back of your mind. You are more likely to remember the information if it is already stored in your mind rather than cramming on the night before the test.

// Jeani

25 October 2016

Is school draining student imagination? // Verbal Spill

Hey everyone,

I noticed a couple of days ago that recently my capability of writing an interesting blog post was slowly disappearing. I have just started year 11 so the majority of my free time is dedicated to school work and revision so when I sit down to write I realise that all those strong emotions about events and people has been pushed to the back of my mind and there is really no inspiration there at all.

Is this what school does to us? I have always been a definite supporter of education and modern learning, when I hear people complain I have always been the one to step in and say "do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? There are girls risking their lives every day for their education and here you are complaining because you're tired? Please." But perhaps all my cynical teenage peers have a point. Perhaps our high schools really are draining our imagination and the will to create or express our individuality.

When I was in primary school I was always encouraged to play games, to do creative writing, to pick up hobbies like bird watching, drawing or, baking, all we are encouraged to do now is 10 minutes of maths every evening on top of our homework and 2 hours of nightly revision. I understand that all this is for our own good, to help us settle nicely into comfortable careers, but I'm not sure life does depend on my ability to find the nth term of a quadratic sequence, we need to learn how to actually use our brains beyond the theory, how to apply that brilliant knowledge that our brains are capable of consuming. I believe we should still be encouraged to pursue those hobbies for ourselves, rather than for school. I refuse to join the netball club now because the only people who do it in year 11 are the ones who are doing a PE GCSE, despite the fact that I love the sport and would really enjoy playing it every week.

The school encourages us to get involved with extra curricular activities, but so that it looks good on our CVs and sixth form application, I wish that they would try to encourage having fun, laughing with your friends, to do the hobbies that really fill you with joy. But if your teachers won't then I will.

Please, make time for yourself. I don't mean sit on your sofa and watch PLL while idly scrolling through your Facebook feed, wishing that you were doing something else (I'm not judging, we all do it), I mean go on Pinterest and find a cake you want to bake, find a sewing pattern you can use, climb the trees in your local woods or collect the pretty flowers that you find. Take time to be your nine year old self, I know you are always wishing that you were that age again, let yourself be (no one has to know haha!)

Thank you for reading, good luck

// Jeani

22 October 2016

Alcohol // poem

The stars are spinning
My makeup is blurred
The ground is the sky
My speech sounds quite slurred

My mind's somewhere distant
Memories are not formed
I spit out vile laughter
At what, I'm not sure

Is this fun? I wonder
As I try to stand straight
I'm disgusted by my friends'
zombie-like state

They say that they're proud
Because I'm submitting to this
Were you not proud of me
When I held to what I believed in?

So I make the decision.
Exclusion's a risk
But I'm not sure it's worth it
Just to fit in.

// Jeani

11 October 2016

My Anger // Poem // Verbal Spill

A stop motion movie
A scream from my lips
Chaos unravels
With the clashing of hips

Blood starts to spread
It's all I can see
Please save his lips
For they're meant for me

A dirty surrounding
You call this a fair fight?
Man on man would be fair
You are not from the light

Like hyenas they swarmed
They punched and they kicked
He yelled at the cowards
For whom I felt sick

She screamed and she clawed
At his delicate neck
All I can see is the damage
What's before I forget

Poison fills through my veins
I spit at their feet
I've never felt anger
That I feel with this heat

What kills me inside
Is not the pain he went through
But the shame he will feel
When they lie through their clues

He's not even hurt
His skin didn't bruise
But they tried that's what matters
At least he didn't lose

I just want to see
One of their smug expressions
So I can rip it right off them
Before they have time to question

My anger.
 How can it boil so deep?
I wonder now if
I should go to sleep

// Jeani