15 September 2016

Wander // poem

I perch on the edge of a cliff
My arms stretched above my head
I reach for the clouds suspended
By a single sewing thread

I see the blood red sunset
Drip upon the crawling mist
I feel the stone beneath me
Sing a deep and booming hymn

Rainbows bleed through cigarette smoke
The rain catches on my lips
My skin absorbs the sunshine
'Til it radiates within

I feel my voice escape me
Through my anticipating lips
It soothes my aching throat
As I breathe the notes I miss

I touch the morning dewdrops
As they spring from lemon grass
I taste the scent of fire
On his ever present laugh

I gaze down upon fields
From my safe and secure seat
I see the Earth pass me by
So many miles beneath my feet

My home feels so familiar
Although I expected it would not
My routine just falls in place
Like I was never really gone

Now I have tasted worlds of colour
Mine seems like only shades of grey
But I will not pine for more
For that would waste my time away

// Jeani

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  1. This was such a beautiful poem, Jeani! You have an incredible voice. x



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