14 September 2016

The inventor // poem

"Bloody instructions, which being taught, return to plague th'inventor" ~ William Shakespeare, Macbeth

The inventor's face looks absent
As his fingers rapidly create
He snarls in heated darkness
Like the fire he does make

The shadows light his features
As the fire burns his skin
He writes the method in his blood
Then hands it to his kin

The recipe is passed on
The dark fire starts to spread
It begins in people's stomachs
Before it rages in their heads

Power and desire
With a teaspoon of detest
The world begins to crack
As he overlooks his mess

What once was plagued insanity
Is now simply desperation
He hides in his dark corner
He accepts his long damnation

He slowly stands in terror,
His hands begin to shake
He walks into the flames
That he once was proud to make

// Jeani

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