25 September 2016

The girl in the cell // poem

She curled up in her cell
Her soul had gone completely numb
She stared at the brick wall
As she counted with her thumb

Her face had shrunken in
Her lips were bleeding like a ghost
Dirt was nesting in her hair
There were bruises on her throat

Her eyes were blind, glazed over
She didn't even want to blink
She could hear the distant voices
That craved to know how she did think

A bitter smile did creep upon her
As they stared through heavy glass
She was as still as trees in winter
She didn't even raise her heart

The keys hung on the inside
All she had to do was simply stand
But she left them anxious, waiting
While she steadied both her hands

All desire had left her body
She was almost just a shell
But that 'almost' dared to keep fighting
To try and relieve her of this cell

Decades they have kept her
Tried to break her like a window
She once seemed soft and fragile
But you can't just break a pillow

The keys hung on the door-frame
All she had to do was simply stand
She thought it was impossible
So I held her weary hand

Together we went forward
Tiny step to tiny step
When she tripped up I caught her falling
While her lost pride held up her head

Her fingertips lurched forward
The keys so close to her aching grasp
Her eyes wept tears for freedom
Her soul returning now at last

There was brightness in her eyes
There was longing in her moves
I smiled with guiltless joy
As she shows what she has to prove

She snatches up the keys
Then she twists them in the lock
She throws the door behind her
Her new soul aching for a flock

She stands in the broken door frame
Her breath catches in her throat
The world just steps away
Just a leap to Noah's boat

Her hand slips out of mine
And she balls it in a fist
Her tender foot steps forward
Into the hopeful, unsure mist

She walks onto the grass
She fills her lungs with air
A laugh escapes her lips
When the wind runs through her hair

Her body springs to life
She dances round with glee
The world is now her oyster
She can live so happily

She stops for just a moment
she turns and faces me
A look flashes across her
I know exactly what she means

I let myself hang back
I watch her newfound spirit leave
I hope that in her new journey
She spares a thought sometimes of me

// Jeani


  1. Your poems are honestly so powerful I really feel every word as I read - you're such a magical writer ♡ what inspired you to write this - what does the girl in the cell mean to you? I can't help thinking it's like you're saving someone you really know but I'd love to know what it's all about! Lily Lea ♡


    1. First of all, thank you for your wonderful comment, I really appreciate the fact that you like my writing and that you are interested, that's really wonderful!

      I started writing this poem without a message in mind and I just sort of let the words flow out of me without a meaning and I just told this story about a girl who was trapped, I had no idea how the story would end or why I was writing it, the story just evolved as if I wasn't even writing it, it was like reading it myself, it was a strange feeling! Now, when I read it back, it's a story of motivation. I like to think, if I'm ever stuck in my mind or in a bad situation that makes me feel depressed or miserable, the past version of myself can remind me that the key out of the mess is within myself and there's nothing holding me back from happiness but me. If I try, I can do it and beyond that door that I'm afraid to open is a world full of amazing adventures :)

      Thank you again!
      Jeani xxx


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