16 September 2016

Rain // poem // Verbal Spill

Scratching pens and muffled silence
The mist lays low outside
The rain falls on the windows
Thunder cracks at every side

Our legs propel us forward
The rain stings our weary eyes
We're relieved when shelter finds us
We laugh it off to pass the time

Once brushed and sleek, smooth hair
Rebels and curls like a small child
Our cheeks are rosy red, Our eyes
Bright with excited smiles

By routine, vanity's king
It's subconscious in our minds
We never get that sense of freedom
Because we're too afraid to be alive

Mascara runs down our cheeks
Somehow we are free suddenly
A childish empowerment
That's joined by immodest glee

I pity those who run
From the thing that makes them want to hide
Because a downpour of this rain
Has made me see who I am inside

// Jeani

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