14 September 2016

Craving // poem

A craving in the fingertips
A licking of your lips
A smile across the classroom
I roll my eyes at this

Attentive and unsure
You kissed me like I was fire
But my warmth was less alarming
Than you saw from my attire

Responsible yet crazy
From this unrelenting lust
Respectful to a daisy
Just like you know you must

A kiss upon each eyelid
As I close them both to sleep
I imagine you are with me
Just to hold me while I weep

When you're not here I'm empty
Like my blood has simply gone
This love has truly ruined me
I'm dependant as a fawn

Every day is like the last one
I cherish every kiss
Just in case one day you are gone
And there's nothing left to miss

// Jeani


  1. Absolutely love this poem! Well done Jeani :)


    1. Thank you so much! I'll be sure to follow your blog if I haven't already :)


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