31 August 2016

Youth // poem

I do not stop breathing
When you are bored of the eternal
Click and hiss of my breath 
You cannot shut this journal

I am not an ant
I can't carry twice my weight
When you ask I will not fetch
I will run straight through the gate

I am not a child
But I'm still scared inside
And although I may be strong
I am not strong in size

I am not electric
You cannot switch me off
I will buzz through my own life
With no extra added cost 

I am not invisible
I am relevant and tall
I know you cannot see me
But that doesn't mean I'm small

I do not stop running
Just because you want to walk
I will chase the sunset 
I can find my thought

I am a real person
Who's complex and quite confused
And although you might not like it
I'm happy in spite of you



  1. Very nice!


  2. This is so beautiful!! ♡♡♡♡ Lily xx


  3. Your poetry is super pretty
    Ashleigh xxx

  4. This poem is absolutely lovely! I'm glad I found your new blog, I was wondering where you ran off to!



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