2 August 2016

The broken vase // poem

For a while you were my project
A broken vase in need of putting back together
I wanted to sculpt you into a stronger self
Someone who would withstand this stormy weather

For months I tried to glue your broken pieces
A constant need to lift you up
But every long night began to leave me with cracks
You were emptying my half-full cup

While you were treading out of the shadows, I
 Was slaving to push you forward
Until my glass just smashed, the flood came through
I was living under a falsehood

You were using my sun to light yourself up
I was just a step to you, and now
I have received no recognition for my services
Did I create this monster you have become?

I am happy you no longer feel under her shadow
Because no one deserves to feel that way
But did I do nothing for you all those months ago?
Do I not deserve the final say?

I am telling you how I feel and yet
You are kicking me down once again
Because the way I made you feel is more important, well
I'm sorry I forfeit your twisted game

Now I reminisce about us
And the shocking truth hits me
Your vase was never broken
You're a fake and always will be.

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