10 July 2016

OOTD - Casual Dinner

Hello everyone!!!

Yesterday I was very privileged as my Grannie took me on a shopping spree round the city, so I have decided to show you one of my favourite outfits that I bought!

You can wear this to a family dinner or a party as it is suitable for formal or casual occasions, I wore it to my mum' birthday dinner:

The skirt was from Topshop, it was in the sale so is no longer selling but I have linked a very similar skirt. This is £20

The vest was from New Look. but, again, it doesn't sell anymore so I have linked one from Boohoo which is more or less identical for £5

The outer-tee was from Zara but I cannot find it on the internet anywhere! It was £7.99 in the sale!

I hope you liked my post, if you would like a full haul of the clothes I bought comment below!!!

Please have a look at some of my other posts as well, I hope you enjoyed!!!

Jeani xxx

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  1. Loved the outfit and yes,I'd absolutely love to see a haul! xx



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