23 June 2016

Changing the world

I am a very happy person. I would rather be the person who is an inspiration to other people, for either my positive attitude or work ethic, than the person who drags through the day and drags everybody else down with them. I haven’t always been this way, through the course of my life things have altered and shaped my personality: knocking me back, propelling me forward and generally making me stronger.

Some may argue that our problems are irrelevant in terms of the universe because of it’s enormity, but I think that the universe’s enormity makes my problems even more relevant; everything in this universe is something small and irrelevant. Even though I am small compared to everything else in the universe, everything else in the universe is really as small as I am. I am as relevant as the poppy blooming on the side of the motorway, I am as relevant as a child labourer on the other side of the world, I am as relevant as a historical figure because every historical figure began as an irrelevant child, grew to be an irrelevant teenager and one day something they did made this massive impact on the world, in some cases it was only when someone died that people even recognised their relevance. Who knows what impact we may make in the future?

I know that my life has been altered by every person that has passed through it some way and therefore I have altered every person’s life that I have passed through in some way. I could changed someone’s life by saying a sentence that changed their outlook on something, which could have changed how they approach certain situations, this could have affected somebody else’s life because the person I affected has now treated them differently to how they would have before. Using this logic, I could have indirectly saved or ended another person’s life, for example the person I affected could go on to bully them ruthlessly or put the other person over themselves and save their life. Isn’t it better to be the person that influences other people to act in a positive way than a negative one?

The truth is, we will never know the chain of lives that we have altered because somewhere along the line we lose the credit. When we look at the depth and complexity of our lives, we can see the sheer number of people that have walked in and out of our lives – we have affected every single one, no matter how big or small. Every person has affected that amount of people and therefore each individual could have affected every person in the whole world.  This means that my life is a huge responsibility.  As Will says in ‘Me Before you’, it is Louisa’s responsibility to live her life to the fullest because there are so many people in this world that don’t have access to the opportunities that are handed to her on a plate.  People say that one person can’t change the world but that’s not true because it’s always one person that starts something big, no matter how big the change, one person started it. My thoughts are actually changing the world; the fact that these words are on paper is a change in the world! Even though I am just a dot on a dot in comparison to the universe, my dot of a world is inhabited by billions of complex and intelligent beings and I am a part of that, I cannot know how big a part of it I am going to be, but never the less I am here and I am influencing as many people as I can till the day I no longer can.

The bully complex proves that if a person bullies a child, this could potentially lead them to bully a child when they are older because they think it’s the right thing to do.  The cycle will continue for years until someone dares to step forward and say “no that’s wrong”. The next person will follow in their footsteps and try to do the right thing and say “no, that’s wrong” when they see somebody being bullied because we are influenced by those around us, it just takes one person to alter a cycle.

These thoughts could inspire someone to be a politician or a doctor who saves the life of a murderer, which gives them the courage to let his captives go, one of the captives moves on to go to university and get a job in musical theatre and becomes an inspiration to little girls all over the country.  We are more important than we give ourselves credit for. For the next 120+ years, this set of 7 billion people will mostly stay the same, and we will work together in many different ways as the people of planet Earth, but in 120 years an entirely different set of people will walk this planet. What are we going to leave them as our legacy?

I think it is better to be the girl who walks alone and dares to be happy and confident than the girl who is just running on jealousy and tries to satisfy her vanity by knocking other people down to be like her. This world would be so much brighter and work so much more efficiently if it were filled with positivity.

People generally have the mentality of “I’m only going to do something good if I am rewarded for it”, but the reward should be knowing that you’ve left a positive mark on the world today and knowing that someone else has benefitted from that. For example, picking litter up off the school field seems like such a waste of effort, but if you do I, someone else doesn’t have to later. If everyone does it, the cleaner has nothing to do meaning they could go home early and spend more time with their family who will benefit from more time with their father.

The things you say could lead someone to develop anorexia or an eating disorder, to kill them-selves, to be afraid. Or, you could say things that make them smile, do things that make their lives easier and a lot of the time doing things for other people generally makes you happier too.

If we all lived our lives consciously, and took moments to actually think about the decisions we are making, about the way we act, behave and think, the world would be so much more positive.

You are not alone. No one can afford to be selfish because the things we do, don’t just affect us, they affect everyone. We have a choice to affect other people’s lives in a positive way or a negative way. What do you choose?