2 March 2016

"When an artist dies, God let's them paint the sky"

"When an artist dies, God let's them paint the sky"

I read this quote on someone's instagram and I thought it was beautiful and it posed several questions in my mind about myself and life generally.

Imagine, if when you die, God gave you a chance to paint the sky, but with only colours that were shades of your personality. What colours would I be given? Would my sky be one that made people stop and stare with wonder? Would my sky go unpassing? Would my sky make people retreat in disgust back into their homes to the blissful hug of a winter fire? What would my sky be?  I think that we pass through our lives with little respect to them, we are given this incredible gift of colour, love, hatred, iphones, meadows, saharan sunsets, puppies, words and so many other things that go unnoticed in this beautiful ideology of life and having a soul. Our lives are a chain of insignificant, fleeting moments, that pass by us like pages of a book, flickering at the speed of light. 

At the end of the day, who we are and the way we act can only affect us. We may as well be kind and have loving hearts. I know that when it's my turn to paint the sky, I want to be able to paint flowing crimson, blossom lilac, mediterranean blue and blackcurrant pink. 

Make your sky beautiful

Ellie xxxx

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