16 February 2016

My Tumblr Room

I love my room; it's inspired by tumblr and bohemian style rooms. I love the style of these rooms because they have very personal, relaxed feel.  When I go into my room I feel so happy because I have pictures of all my wonderful memories on the walls, look below!

In this picture you can see blue fairy lights that I keep above my bed, which I think looks really cute! I also have a photo line of string on my ceiling, on which I pin pictures of me with my family and friends, also things like my sarong, little letters etc, which is really nice to look at! My purple duvet is from Next and it matches the purple statement wall next to my bed ☺️
On this wall, I keep nice photos of me and my friends, including pictures that I have taken in photo booths!
Next to my door, I keep my bucket list, a world map and some nice drawings, as well as my dressing table and book case, which is where I display my best shoes (and keep my friends DVDs)!

On my windowsill, I have a bunch of flowers that I got for Valentine's Day that I keep in a Kilner jar, and my favourite books. I keep the rest of my books in a draw under my bed. I also have a bottle of smelly incense and a little pot of my baby teeth!

I hope this has inspired you for some things to add to your room, or just nice to read ☺️☺️

Ellie xxxx

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