29 February 2016

How to Start a Blog


If you're anything like me, it can be quite intimidating going to a new website and wanting to start a new social media page, or a blog. It can be confusing and hard to know where to start, so today I'm going to show you quick and easy steps of starting your first blog and making it good!

Part One - Blog Topic
Before anything else, you need to decide what you're going to write about on your new blog. If you already have an idea, that's great skip ahead! If not, deciding what you're going to write about should be very easy.  Write down a list of your passions: do you like music? Drama? Sport? Fashion and Beauty? Cooking? Is it creative, informative, news headlines, private research, detailed analysis, opinions, nonbiased, what is your USP? Whatever you feel most passionate about, you should have as your blogs main topic. My blog doesn't really have a specific topic, which makes me appear quite hypocritical, but I have had lots of blogs that revolve around a specific thing e.g. makeup and beauty, and I lost my passion to write on it, so I merged all of the things I love and think about together. Plan out everything. Make a spider diagram and put down all your ideas. I suggest getting a notebook so if any ideas come to you, you can jot them down.

Part 2 - Setting up your blog
First of all, you need to sign up for a google account.

After you've signed up, go to blogger.com where you will get given a screen that looks like this, except yours will be blank:
You need to click on new blog:
Once you've clicked on 'new blog' a window will open that looks like this:
You will be asked what you're going to call your blog, a URL for your blog, and which template you wish to use. The title and URL should be sort of the same, for example my url is sample-blog28.blogspot.co.uk and my title is 'Sample Blog'. Choose a nice simple blog title that you, and your readers, will remember, which also relates to your content.  If you're struggling with naming your blog, check out my post 'identity' which tells you how I named my blog.
Always pick the simple template; it's easier to work with.

Once you've done that, blogger will take you to 'overview' which is where you control your blog, here is where you see your stats (i.e. who and how many people have looked at your blog), your posts, pages, settings, etc.
Next, click template:
Then customise

On customise, you will have lots of different options and sections and different ways to customise your blog. The longer you have your blog, the more accustomed to these different sections you will become and you'll start to use HTML and understand it all a bit better, but just to begin with:

You're on the templates section, under simple, there are six or seven different options, click which one you like most. I suggest using the plain white one, because it means developing your blog will be a lot easier. 
So, you have your template. Skip background, I spent a long time working on different backgrounds and designs:

But over time I learned that they took way too much often and more often than not, didn't work out.

By the way, I use a site called PicMonkey to do all of my blog designs - it's an incredible site; it's so easy to work with!

Skip 'adjust widths' and layout (the default layout is the best one, feel free to experiment but I recommend the default setting) and then go to advance. Here you will find the really fun stuff, this is your customise section basically where you can add the colours etc. I won't talk you through everything, just experiment here really (ignore the last three sections).

Okay, so, once you have your blog you need a header. The most unprofessional thing about a blog is a really crap default header, it needs to be personal. My previous blog had a bit of a melt down because I use a site called image maps, and that uses links and the link was connected to photos on my computer so when I deleted those photos, the links messed up. But, the header still stands so you may have a look at that. All the information you need to make a header is here on Something Swanky, which is a brilliant site for blog design, it has all the information you will ever need to know, I use it for everything! Here's a header that I very quickly made for sample blog:
So, once you have your header, you can pretty much mess about. Check out my blog for things to add. You can always build on your blog by adding more and making it more professional and refined. If there's anything you can't work out (which there will be) ask me and I'll tell you or work it out with you. The best things to start with are Nav-bars, intro pictures and gadget headers, which, if enough people ask for it, I will make a blog post for!

Okay, so, we head onto section 3:

Have your first blog post as an introductory post when you introduce yourself and your personality, or just go straight in there with a post like the rest of your posts will be. Here is a link to my first post!

Here is my sample blog for you, which I did very quickly, in under fifteen minutes! www.sample-blog28.blogspot.co.uk

The rest is up to you! If you have any questions, do ask me, also please follow my blog :)

27 February 2016

Why I want to dump my old style and turn to Bohemian clothing

There is a lot in the media currently, and has been for over 100 years, that encourages young girls, women and men to hate their bodies and to be this false idea of perfection. There is a certain way that everyone must dress, and even though we are told to 'be ourselves' and 'find our own style', we still must choose our styles from the ones that society deems appropriate or cool.

My wardrobe used to be completely about me, admittedly, it was a little ridiculous at times and didn't always look very good, but it made me stand out and that was always my main goal.  As I have got older, my style looks better and I take more pride than ever in the clothes that I wear, but when I go into school on a non-uniform day, I realise that I look the same as everyone else, and that's not what I stand for.

Recently on pinterest I have been exploring new styles and one that really stood out to me is bohemian fashion. I love the way it's totally free, the clothes tend to be very colourful and cultural to many different countries around the world. I really like that these clothes have stories and I would wear them to represent my happiness and spirit.

When I first saw this look on pinterest I fell in love instantly, this was the picture which really inspired me to start getting into boho fashion. I love the the baggy trousers hang on the hips and I have never seen a top like the one she's wearing before and I love it! I love the lilac, I like the way it clings and I love it with the green necklaces. 

 Vanessa Hudgens is a huge style icon of mine at the moment, she wears a lot of boho clothes like the outfit pictures here. This particular outfit reminds me of the clothes that my singing teacher wears, who really inspires me, so I really like it.
 This outfit pictured above is more mainstream than the other photographs here, which I like because I could probably work it into my wardrobe easier. I will start with clothes like these to slowly ease myself into the style.

I'm a little scared to transform my wardrobe into this style; it's very different to what I would usually wear and it's obviously going to cost me a lot of money and time that I don't really have. Furthermore, I'm not sure where to even buy these clothes in the UK, places like Topshop and New Look where I usually buy my clothes don't have a huge amount of clothes in this style. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Ellie xxx

17 February 2016

Valentines Day + snow

Here are some cute pictures of the last couple of days that I spent celebrating Valentine's Day:

16 February 2016

My Tumblr Room

I love my room; it's inspired by tumblr and bohemian style rooms. I love the style of these rooms because they have very personal, relaxed feel.  When I go into my room I feel so happy because I have pictures of all my wonderful memories on the walls, look below!

In this picture you can see blue fairy lights that I keep above my bed, which I think looks really cute! I also have a photo line of string on my ceiling, on which I pin pictures of me with my family and friends, also things like my sarong, little letters etc, which is really nice to look at! My purple duvet is from Next and it matches the purple statement wall next to my bed ☺️
On this wall, I keep nice photos of me and my friends, including pictures that I have taken in photo booths!
Next to my door, I keep my bucket list, a world map and some nice drawings, as well as my dressing table and book case, which is where I display my best shoes (and keep my friends DVDs)!

On my windowsill, I have a bunch of flowers that I got for Valentine's Day that I keep in a Kilner jar, and my favourite books. I keep the rest of my books in a draw under my bed. I also have a bottle of smelly incense and a little pot of my baby teeth!

I hope this has inspired you for some things to add to your room, or just nice to read ☺️☺️

Ellie xxxx