7 January 2016

The woman who was Satan // poem

The sickly smile of an evil woman
Runs deep through me to the bone
she crawls into a fake skin and pretends 
to be someone that we know

Beneath the sweet and warming floral prints is
A monster who's selfish and cruel
She only cares about herself
And is ignorant to even you 

She wonders why you clawed and scratched
And didn't smother her in attention 
But when you begged for love 
She didn't share any affection

She chucked you out to live alone 
without a second thought 
You curl up and cry your ribs protruding 
Food drowns out the love you sought

You're always running from the dogs in collars
Who will choke you on first sight
The barrel of a gun always to your head
No strength left in you to fight

Your soul passed on this evening 
But she didn't even think
Until my mother asked a friendly question 
Then she made the final link

She knew what she did was shameful 
So she made us swear to never talk
But not because she loved you
Because she couldn't take the fall

So you now you dance up in your heaven
Your light as bright as fellow Angels
You look down upon our small earth
And the woman who was satan 

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