26 January 2016

The beheading of Henry

Last night, I dreamt a truly horrific dream, of which I shall tell to you shortly, which inspired me to write today.

In my belief, dreams are not just pictures and memories thrown together in a mixing bowl and chucked out in sleep, which is technically what they are, but they are overviews of one of my parallel selves' days.

Below I have shown my account of the murder of my friend (my dream), my suspects etc, using anonymous names

Witness account of the murder:
Seven of us were sitting in a circle, laughing and hanging out in the woods like we normally do. When I looked to my right I saw crimson blood in pools splattered all over the field like a child's painting and above all this mess was the severed head of my friend hanging on a tree branch with blood still pouring from his open throat. All of us started screaming and running around in horror, panic and fear.  I saw that behind where Henry's head was hung, there was a small opening within the trees and a mysterious man dressed in all black was standing there, staring at what seemed to be a wall. As I got closer, I could see that the wall was splattered in words written in blood. The man dressed in black told me that he was trying to decipher the words written, presumably by the murderer about Henry.  Me and my friends all tried to call the police, but none of us had our phones on us so we tried to find either the police or a phone to call them. To get out of the woods, we had to go through a hotel but I was very freaked out and scared, which caused me to panic and get stressed.  We attempted to find our way through the hotel, but it was like a maze, which involved lots of dark alleyways and tunnels. We found ourselves reluctant to go down these halls after seeing our dead friend's head; my friend (suspect b) especially was very wary and terrified to walk alone.  Trying to get through was impossible, because one of our friends (suspect c) kept stalling us to stop and eat cake, which obviously panicked me because we needed to find the police so that they could either save henry or catch the killer, but she kept trying to stop us... That's when i fainted, I cannot remember anymore from that fateful night...

a - Apparent best friend of victim, present at time of discovery
b - Good friend of victim, present at time of discovery
c - previously was a girlfriend of the victim, but has since become friends with the victim, present at time of discovery
d - friend of victim, possibly jealous of victim's friendship with said suspects' best friend, not present at time of discovery
e - newcomer to the group, not present at time of discovery
f - has a history of tension within the group, could still be resentful to victim, but recently reformed friendships, not present at time of discovery
g - friend of victim, previously had feelings for victim and was hurt when she suspected he had feelings for someone else, but they have since moved on, present at time of discovery
h -Good friends with victim, has secretly violent fantasies, present at time of discovery
i - Good friends with victim, tends to be depressed and sleep deprived, listens to rock music, present at time of discovery
j - Good friends with victim, is suspected to have feelings for victim, not present at time of discovery

What we know
- His head was cut off
                   - this rules off suspect B because she's too squeamish of blood
                   - this is evidence against suspect C because her father is a paramedic, so she could/would know where to slit the throat correctly. She is also strong so could possibly have stopped resistance, also carried out the deed swiftly
-The head was hung in the woods
                   - this could have been to scare the group as they often go to these woods
                   - this rules out suspect e and f because they never went to these woods
- The head was hung on quite a tall branch
                   - this is evidence against suspect a, g, h and i as they are all over 5'6, so they are as tall/taller than the branch
- The handwriting on the wall-message was being deciphered, which could suggest that:
                   - it was written in bad hand writing (definite evidence against suspect a, possible evidence of d, e, h or i)
                   - it was in a foreign language (evidence against victims that take a foreign language: c, d and h)
- No one had a phone to call the police, which is peculiar because usually at least one person will have a phone
- The fact that suspect c kept stopping to eat cake is suspicious              
                   -did she want to prevent the police being called because she had done it?

I think that suspect C has the most evidence against her: she could know exactly how to slit a throat because of her family's medical history, she has strength and is very good at sport, she is an ex-girlfriend of the victim so could have resentment against the victim, she probably knows the woods best out of everyone having lived next to it her entire life, she takes a foreign language, she kept trying to stop everyone from reaching the police quickly.

Who do you think murdered Henry in my dream? Comment below!


7 January 2016

The woman who was Satan // poem

The sickly smile of an evil woman
Runs deep through me to the bone
she crawls into a fake skin and pretends 
to be someone that we know

Beneath the sweet and warming floral prints is
A monster who's selfish and cruel
She only cares about herself
And is ignorant to even you 

She wonders why you clawed and scratched
And didn't smother her in attention 
But when you begged for love 
She didn't share any affection

She chucked you out to live alone 
without a second thought 
You curl up and cry your ribs protruding 
Food drowns out the love you sought

You're always running from the dogs in collars
Who will choke you on first sight
The barrel of a gun always to your head
No strength left in you to fight

Your soul passed on this evening 
But she didn't even think
Until my mother asked a friendly question 
Then she made the final link

She knew what she did was shameful 
So she made us swear to never talk
But not because she loved you
Because she couldn't take the fall

So you now you dance up in your heaven
Your light as bright as fellow Angels
You look down upon our small earth
And the woman who was satan