7 December 2015

The girl who walks alone // poem

As one second passes, we
Wait for the one coming round
To find that it's whistled by,
When we were searching on the ground

If just once you turned the corner
That you would never usually turn
You'll find a world upon your doorstep
That breathes and bites and burns

Paper gold in piles fuels envy
In a normal paper girl
When value is replaced in her,
With greed that soon unfurls

But just once on occasion,
Some girl opens her eyes,
And sees the world around her,
And dares to question "why?".

That girl is crushed and kicked down,
By those who don't understand
So she shuts her mouth and stands alone,
Because there's no one to share her plans

She walks through a tunnel of whispers,
They mutter as she stands tall;
They despise that she's still dreaming,
when they're chained to this floor

As years are whipped away from them,
She walks across the seas.
In their metal boxes they crumble up
And slowly cease to be

So next time you share a whisper,
At the girl who walks alone,
Think of me and my page of rhyming words
Stepping into the unknown.

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