31 December 2015



So very recently I've been getting into an amazing app called pinterest! It's where you create your very own online "pinboard"! I use it mainly for fashion purposes, so that I can see my style evolve and change all the time! My style is currently inspired by Kate Middleton, Spencer hastings, Rachel Green and Taylor Swift! It's great for getting inspiration somewhere, from your head to the internet in the easiest way ever.  It sort of like a collection of your favourite pictures, posts or whatever all in one place! Take a scroll through mine below:
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New Years Resolutions

I cannot believe that 2015 is over, it feels like yesterday it was the end of 2012! Time flies by so quickly, tomorrow becomes yesterday before the end of today has even happened.

Seen as it is New years eve, I thought I would tell you all my resolutions and give you some resolutions too!

My resolutions:
- Get an A in all sciences
- Stop obsessively wanting things e.g. clothes, room decor and start focusing on the things you have
- Stay happy

My resolutions for you:
Be happy. That is my only resolution. Make an effort to be kind to other people and make them happy too. I have found, as a naturally happy person, that being kind to others makes you happy yourself; seeing people smile because you said something nice always makes my day! More than that though, thinking positively about other people rather than negatively makes you happier; once you start seeing the good in other people, you started seeing it in yourself.  It makes you so much happier to see the beauty in everyone rather than picking them apart to try and make yourself feel better; blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours any brighter.  So that's my advice to you! Do what makes you happy.  Sometimes people make you feel as if you shouldn't do something because it's not cool,or weird or lame and that should never hold you back.  People used to laugh at me because of my youtube channel and looked stupid doing it, but instead of quitting I took in what they were saying and changed what I was doing and made it better.  I'm in 'top set' in school and the rest of the school doesn't like top sets, there is a huge stereotype that all people in top set do is revise, work and are miserable boring people. That's not true. Even so, revising or doing work is not something to be ashamed of, being smart or having to work to be smart is not something to be ashamed of either.  What I'm saying is, do what makes you happy, or do what you need/want to do no matter what other people say.  Also, let others be happy, let them do what they want to do. Don't judge people on first sight, don't even judge people after you've been friends with them for years, because you never know what's going on in their lives.  Also, happiness is found when you accept your life and see the good things within it, but that doesn't mean you don't have to dream. It's always good to have wishes and goals and dreams too.

So yeah! Happy new year!

7 December 2015

Beauty and the Beast

Over the past few months I have been a part of my school production "beauty and the beast". Last night, we took our final bows and I set off dominoes of tears!

The sad thing is, all good things come to an end, all incredible, fantastic and wonderful things do, no matter how much it breaks our heart. I am just so happy that I was a part of this incredible show; we were amazing!

The entire show was amazing, everyone in it is kind, hilarious and incredibly talented. I have met so many people that before I would never have reason to hug in the hallway, or have inside jokes with or have friendship bracelets with I just can't believe its over!!!

Below are some pictures of the show!!!
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The girl who walks alone // poem

As one second passes, we
Wait for the one coming round
To find that it's whistled by,
When we were searching on the ground

If just once you turned the corner
That you would never usually turn
You'll find a world upon your doorstep
That breathes and bites and burns

Paper gold in piles fuels envy
In a normal paper girl
When value is replaced in her,
With greed that soon unfurls

But just once on occasion,
Some girl opens her eyes,
And sees the world around her,
And dares to question "why?".

That girl is crushed and kicked down,
By those who don't understand
So she shuts her mouth and stands alone,
Because there's no one to share her plans

She walks through a tunnel of whispers,
They mutter as she stands tall;
They despise that she's still dreaming,
when they're chained to this floor

As years are whipped away from them,
She walks across the seas.
In their metal boxes they crumble up
And slowly cease to be

So next time you share a whisper,
At the girl who walks alone,
Think of me and my page of rhyming words
Stepping into the unknown.