14 November 2015

Pray for Paris

My heart goes out to the people in Paris who lost their lives, families or friends last night in the terrorist attacks which killed 120 people and counting. 

It shocks and upsets me to see innocent lives being taken over belief and culture.  

Those people had lives: jobs, families, children, mothers, fathers, friends, beliefs, thoughts, hopes and dreams. All of it gone in a matter of seconds. 

Let us not forget also the innocent Muslims who will no doubt be held accountable for this - Islam is a good faith, but the extremists have warped it into something twisted and cruel. Don't take out your anger on innocent people as the terrorists have done today.

Pray that  the 100+ people who are injured, are cured and return home safely to their families. Pray that no more lives are taken and no more lives are lost.

My thoughts are with you

Ellie xxx

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