20 September 2015

OOTD + H&M haul

Autumn is here! As much as I love summer, I am happy to say goodbye to it and say HELLO to autumn!!! Autumn is my favourite season for fashion because you get to wear layers and jackets and warm jumpers! And so obviously, I went to Norwich and went shopping in celebration of the new season!

Burnt orange jumper - £12.99
Black and white striped jumper - £7.99
Black jeans - £14.99
Brown Snood - £3 (sale)
Pink bra - £7
Cream bra - £7
Pants - £3
Black bra - £3

14 September 2015

Dear Society ~ a poem by me

Snakes in her stomach
The beat of her heart
As She walks in the room
The shaking soon starts

As She hears you whisper
Half a classroom away
She shrinks a bit lower
She can hear what you say 

The smell of a bonfire
Hangs in the air
But you're on your Xbox 
Too bored to care

'Bout The little time that you have 
You waste it away
Thinking your cooler
Than childhood play

A couple is dancing 
And writing real letters 
But you call it gay
because you haven't met her

The one that you love
Who will steal your heart
Well I've had enough
Of your glass shard

I'm gonna hold my head high
And walk away
Because I am finished
With what you have to say

You can hold my collar
And pull me back
But the fact of the matter
Is I'm through with that

And if you say you're sorry
After all we've been through
I will never forget
But to forgive's what i do

And you can offer me a place
Amongst your kind
But I am quite happy
With my own mind

~Dear Society, written by me

13 September 2015

What would I be without you?

Have you ever closed your eyes while on a swing? You no longer can see the way the swing moves and the way the world reacts to it, you no longer see the view or the green grass that is so far below you as your body is frozen in the air for a fraction of a moment before you come hurtling back towards the puddle where many feet have trodden. When you close your eyes, you feel it.  You don't know where in the sky you are or how close to the ground, nothing is material anymore.  You just feel your stomach drop when the swing drops and momentum pulling you forward as the breeze tugs your hair backwards and you feel the strands tickle your neck.  This summer, I didn't worry about the material. I didn't worry about the flowers or the green grass or the way the wishes of a dandelion land on my cheeks or the way when a stone lands in water, ripples spread and spread down the river to someone new, and although these things are beautiful to look at, or share with others, I didn't. I did not just witness these things. I felt them.