5 August 2015

The word "slut"


Everyday, when walking through school corridors, I hear the word spoken.  I hear it spoken as a sharp insult, I hear it whispered, worse: I hear it spoken casually to a bestfriend as a nickname, making the word acceptable, normal, common, when in truth it is far from it.


I understand that you are probably one who uses the word, it wouldn't surprise me, I understand that it's a turn-of-phrase, everyone uses it, it's fine, I'm being silly. Perhaps that's so, but I disagree.

The word slut was originally used to describe a 'dirty' woman and over time that has come to mean a woman/girl who 'sleeps around'. Ask yourself this, do you have the right to judge a woman for sleeping with lots of people?  Do you really care who this person sleeps with? When in reality it is her decision who she has sex with. If it is not an issue to her, why should it be an issue to you? 

Furthermore, would you judge a boy for doing the same thing? Men would congratulate other men for sleeping around, but a girl would be seriously scrutinised, not just by men but by women too. Why do we feel the need to insult each other unnecessarily? Men don't have a word like "slut" because it's is applauded, why do women not applaud each other?  There is not even a gender neutral word for slut, it is targeted specifically at women. Why?

In teenage society, the word "slut" has become so casual that it is used as a common nickname amongst friends.  It is also very often used against girls for merely talking to guys, even to one guy. Why must we feel the need to put each other down for silly little things, it is perfectly normal to talk to guys and it is unfair to criticise each other for doing so, wouldn't you hate to be called a slut behind your back? I know for sure I would.  

In my opinion, it is even worse for boys to call girls sluts.  So often I hear of boys asking for nudes, pressuring girls into doing things they don't want to do and then as soon as the girl has done what they ask they go behind their backs and call them "sluts", "whores", "slags". Don't get me wrong, I understand that this is not all boys, most of you are sweet and kind. But I'm sure that most of you have called a girl a slut, even once. do correct me if I'm wrong. 

No matter what the situation, you shouldn't say the word. Not slut, not slag, not whore. It is unfair. It not ever fair. Whether a girl is pregnant, whether a girl sleeps around or even just as a nickname. It should not be a common, appropriate or acceptable word.  I would appreciate it if you tried to make a difference. Because using the word is sexist, anti-feminist. Make it a curse-word you would never use, make it unacceptable in your mind and you will make a difference. 

Ellie xxxx

Mean girls got it right ^^^

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