30 August 2015

Stationary haul + my desk organisation


It's that time of year again, the time almost every one dreads because we all know we have to go back to classes full of people we hate, homework, algebra, getting up at six o'clock, being denied a simple toilet break, detentions, boring lectures,  too much drama, the list could go on! But there is always a light in this terrible, dark time. This light, is the stationary isle. It's not only packed, but on sale and of course, being the teenage girl that I am, it is a light that I am always very much drawn too.
My desk

I found this cute notebook in Paperchase for £3, I'm not entirely sure what i plan to do with it yet, but I'm considering: dream journal/notebook for school.  I've found loads of notebooks like this over youtube at the moment, they are spine-less and sort of floppy like a booklet, often quite small and easy to fit into handbags and look cute on desks!

These cute clips are from Wilkinsons! I think for £1 per box? I have, until now, been using my mum's washing line pegs to pin photos on my photoline, so she has been running short, therefore, when i saw these i just HAD to buy them!!!  There are two sizes in the box, which is kind of good for me because i plan to make a littler photoline for my things on my bucket list and photos of me doing the things!

My previous pencil case was a tin, and after an unfortunate event where i left it on the floor in food tech and one of my teachers not only stepped on it but slipped over, i decided to buy a new one.  I am really picky with my pencil cases because a pencil case is like a school bag, it has to fit with your personality, your style and it has to be the right size, right colour etc. So finding the perfect one is a difficult task.  At first I was going to pick a silk-like black one from Topshop, but I then went into WHSmiths and found this gorgeous thing!  It is just perfect, anyone who knows me will agree that I am the happiest person on this planet, so this pencil case was obviously the one!

I found this giant peg in a store called Tiger, which is a store that I fell in love with as soon as I walked in the door! It does stationary and homeware stuff and all it's very cute and often a bit bizarre and out of the ordinary. I love it so so much as it really fits in with my style.  I didn't really know why i bought this peg at the time, I just saw it and thought "It's pink! It's huge! I want it!" which pretty much sums up what I''m like while splurging!   When I got it home  just put it on my desk and hoped a use for it would occur. Yesterday, i went into the city and bought this cute postcard from paper chase (70p) that says "dream it, believe it, achieve it", which is now one of my favourite quotes. I like the idea that something you want can start out as a dream or fantasy, but the more you think about it the more you believe it can really happen and then you go out and you can live your dream, any dream can be a reality. I also took this cute strip in a photobooth with my boyfriend. When I got home, I realised I had nowhere to put them before having the idea to put them in here! It ended up ooking super cute and I'm really glad I bought it!
Scissors, Stapler, Hole-punch - Tiger
These three are not actually a set but they're all pink and all from tiger so I thought I'd shoot them together!  The best bit about Tiger is not the quirkyness and the amazingness of the items but how cheap they are! I was so pleased  when I came to the checkout and everything that I had bought came under  £20!  I got a new desk very recently and before I had to share with my Dad, and so getting a new desk was a big step for me because i now have my own space for my own stuff and I can actually have my own stuff! For example, i now have a pair of pink scissors, a pink stapler and a pink hole-punch, which i didn't have before!  I love it so much!

This cute little book is from Wilkinsons, on the front in says "things to see, things to buy" which kinda sums me up.  It is simply a little list book where I write shopping lists, to do lists, song ideas etc.  I was looking for a little book like this for ages and so I was really pleased when I found one!

Notebooks - Wilkinsons
These two notebooks are also from wilko.  They are the same style as the notebook from paperchase but a little smaller, and cheaper.  These were 75p each and they are so cute! I like the way the colours go together, I especially love the pattern of the one with the flowers, I think that' my favourite! Again, they are just spineless notebooks with simple lined paper inside.
Omg I found this adorable tape holder in Tiger (again)! I love it so darn much! It's a hedgehog! It's amazing!  I just had to buy it!  It's so cute!  Theres a little razer on my hedgehogs bum where you rip the sellotape off and you keep the tape in the middle.  I think this was about £4, which is really cheap, considering if you got this from paper chase it would cos you £10 at least!

Finally, I found this sharpener in, once again, Tiger! I just love it! All around the glass jar, there are little houses in cute baby-colours, it also has a cute little lid, which, for some unknown reason, reminds me of little red riding hood and her cloak!

I really hope you like my stationayr haul, comment below, follow me etcetera!

Thankyou so so much for reading!

Ellie xxxx

6 August 2015


Dear reader,

Before I begin, I would like you to know where I, a 14 year old girl who plays guitar and reads teenage romance, found the inspiration to write to you, about feminism. I know you're about to turn the page, but hear me out: last night I sat infront of my laptop and once again watched Emma Watson's UN speech for the he-for-she campaign.  As I watched, I asked myself, "what can I do to make a difference?". So I brainstormed, and came to the decision to write to you, because "If not me, who? If not now, when?". You may be wondering why I am writing to internet of all places, seen as I am exposing myself directly to its criticism.   Well, the simple answer is: you are people. You too can make a difference. You are a person who has the ability to change things and the first step to change is acknowledging there is actually a problem, and how will you know there is a problem if there is nobody to address it? That is what I am giving myself the role of, addressing the problem.

The word 'feminism' or 'feminist' has become a hated word in society.  Why do we feel ashamed to identify as feminists?  Being a feminist, is, as a first impression, considered pathetic, immature or silly.  I want to change that.  If you are sitting at home reading this, rolling your eyes at me for being a "silly little girl" then you need to open your mind.  Feminism, by definition, means equality.  As a first step, I would like you, in your own mind, to rewrite your personal definition of feminism.  If before reading this, you considered feminists to be any of the above words I would like you to swap them for "brave, mature and fighter for equality".

'Always' also has a campaign for feminism.  The #likeagirl videos are made to address the issue of inequality in our society. How many times have you accused someone of hitting, throwing or running like a girl? 'Like a girl' is considered an insult, because girls are considered to be weak, immature, pathetic. Perhaps this is why the word 'feminism' has the same connotations.   #Likeagirl has many strong, empowering videos, inspiring people everywhere to change their mindset towards females.  Women are not weak, we are not dumb, pathetic, silly or any less than men.  That said, we are no more than men.  We are all people and, in my opinion, it is more silly, pathetic or immature to deny women the same rights as men, just because our bodies are different, than identifying as someone who believes in equality.

In Britain, we are lucky.  I am lucky that I get the same education as my male peers, I am not given less opportunities because I am a girl and could some day give birth to a child, and I am not forced into getting married because I am a girl.  But in a lot of countries, this is not the case.  1/3 of girls in developing countries will be married by the age of 18.  Early and forced marriage in girls under 15 is 1/9th, some are only 5 years old.  In South Asia and Africa, for example, boys are 1.55 times more likely to complete their secondary education than girls.  There are still 31 million girls of primary school age out of school and 2/3 of the 774 million illiterate people in the world are female.  Can you tell me that standing up and asking for your help to change this is wrong?

My point is, I may not be able to change things in the bigger picture.  I may be only one person in 7 billion.  But every person in that seven billion, is a person like me, who thinks that they can't make a difference and that they're only one in seven billion, but like The Doctor once said "I've never met anyone who wasn't important". So if every one us changes our mind about the word "feminist", perhaps we can make a difference.

Thankyou for reading.

Ellie xxx

5 August 2015

The word "slut"


Everyday, when walking through school corridors, I hear the word spoken.  I hear it spoken as a sharp insult, I hear it whispered, worse: I hear it spoken casually to a bestfriend as a nickname, making the word acceptable, normal, common, when in truth it is far from it.


I understand that you are probably one who uses the word, it wouldn't surprise me, I understand that it's a turn-of-phrase, everyone uses it, it's fine, I'm being silly. Perhaps that's so, but I disagree.

The word slut was originally used to describe a 'dirty' woman and over time that has come to mean a woman/girl who 'sleeps around'. Ask yourself this, do you have the right to judge a woman for sleeping with lots of people?  Do you really care who this person sleeps with? When in reality it is her decision who she has sex with. If it is not an issue to her, why should it be an issue to you? 

Furthermore, would you judge a boy for doing the same thing? Men would congratulate other men for sleeping around, but a girl would be seriously scrutinised, not just by men but by women too. Why do we feel the need to insult each other unnecessarily? Men don't have a word like "slut" because it's is applauded, why do women not applaud each other?  There is not even a gender neutral word for slut, it is targeted specifically at women. Why?

In teenage society, the word "slut" has become so casual that it is used as a common nickname amongst friends.  It is also very often used against girls for merely talking to guys, even to one guy. Why must we feel the need to put each other down for silly little things, it is perfectly normal to talk to guys and it is unfair to criticise each other for doing so, wouldn't you hate to be called a slut behind your back? I know for sure I would.  

In my opinion, it is even worse for boys to call girls sluts.  So often I hear of boys asking for nudes, pressuring girls into doing things they don't want to do and then as soon as the girl has done what they ask they go behind their backs and call them "sluts", "whores", "slags". Don't get me wrong, I understand that this is not all boys, most of you are sweet and kind. But I'm sure that most of you have called a girl a slut, even once. do correct me if I'm wrong. 

No matter what the situation, you shouldn't say the word. Not slut, not slag, not whore. It is unfair. It not ever fair. Whether a girl is pregnant, whether a girl sleeps around or even just as a nickname. It should not be a common, appropriate or acceptable word.  I would appreciate it if you tried to make a difference. Because using the word is sexist, anti-feminist. Make it a curse-word you would never use, make it unacceptable in your mind and you will make a difference. 

Ellie xxxx

Mean girls got it right ^^^

My new new new new new new new new new new new new new blog!

Well, don't judge me, I know we've been here before but you know how much I love a new blog!

In the past, I have had a total of 12 other blogs, that's not including blogs for the countless bands I have also had, if i included those blogs i would have another six blogs added on.

Every time I make a new blog I say "this is it, this one, this one will work, this one is gonna be big" and every single time I fail.

My last blog, jelly bean beauty, was my most successful, reaching 38 followers and over 11000 views, which for me was quite an achievement. But, as you may have gathered from the title, it was a makeup and beauty blog, which, I realised earlier this year, is not actually my forté and I can't write passionately on it and so, after around a year, I gave it up.  You can still see it here 

So, yesterday I sat down to watch eastenders with my pack of bourbons, a glass of blackcurrant squash and my laptop, when I realised, just as Vincent was being beaten up by Phil, that I really missed writing. I really missed putting my thoughts into words and creating pretty backgrounds and discovering how to add blog dividers and sharing and pinning and tweeting and talking about pointless rubbish that is mine and not mine and stuff I want to be.

That's what I'm doing, right here, right now. Putting my thoughts into words, creating pretty backgrounds and sharing and pinning and tweeting and talking about pointless rubbish that is mine and not mine and stuff I want to be.

I know we've been here before, but you know how much I love a new blog.

I hope you like it :)

Ellie xxxx